About Me

I grew up fishing the Mississippi river and have 20 years fishing experience on it. The Mississippi River can be one of the most loved or hated places to fish and sometimes even on the same day. The river is an easy place to catch fish but not an easy place to target fish. We have changing water levels constantly, water clarity varies dramatically in different areas, the vast area that is fish-able is almost overwhelming. To new anglers as well as weekend anglers these conditions can be frustrating to try and figure out. I won’t claim to know what to do every time, but I do have the experience necessary to adjust and catch fish.

Weekly I am fishing summer bass tournaments and the occasional walleye tournament to keep on the peak of my game. My trips are guaranteed you will have fun and learn! Call me now and lets go catch some fish!

When I'm Not fishing I am a boat captain for Winona State University's Cal Fremling - Floating Classroom.  A 67' Skipperliner boat inwhich classes and meetings are held.  I also a private pilot, scuba diver, and hunter.

In the winter months I fish guide as well as clean Deer skulls and offer Hydrographic services.

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